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Seven Methods

There are seven methods to follow which make a man in perfect one with moral control and self purification. Its divided into two parts like Destruction of human instincts (Fana-E Salasa) and Death of Aptitude (Mout-E Arba).

Fana-E Salasa attains through follow three steps:
(1) Fana Anil Khalak: With self spiritual meditation achieve self-reliance. In the order of priority, the first principle of Maizbhandari Philosophy is to be self-reliant.
(2) Fana Anil Hawa: To avoid slandering at others back and backbiting. If one follows this principle in letter and spirit, human life becomes facile and anxiety-free.
(3) Fana Anil Erada: To surrender completely with the will of Allah not having any self desire
Mout-E Abra in four steps:
(1) Mout-E- Abyeaz- White Death: Practicing self-control, continence and modesty, observing starvation, less eating and less sleeping.
(2) Mout-E-Aswad- Black Death: To inculcate self-criticism, self-purification, restrain vindictiveness and retaliation, control rage, and accept easily the criticism made by others.
(3) Mout-E-Ahmar- Red Death: To control greed, covetousness, sex-impulse and extinct sexual lust, and regulate oneself to internal and external discipline. If any one attain Red Death may belong to the class of saints.
(4) Mout-E-Akhjar- Green Death: To observe absolute austerity, show gratitude and thankfulness, avoid extravagance and lead a simple pellucid life free from foppishness.
If these seven steps are being achieved, one can become very much dearer to Allah with ardent faith in him and absolute dependence on the Almighty and His Divine unity (Tawhid). Moreover, by following the above principles, many untold sufferings can be avoided. Furthermore, anyone will agree that humanism can be achieved in its best possible way by combining the above principles and that’s why the major focus of Tarika-e-Maizbhandari is on human development and self-attainment.